The Undercover Story

7 Underwear tips

Tip 1

The party season is coming up and you want to look gorgeous.  It is important to get the base layer right so it may be time to invest in some new underwear.  First of all, a good, supporting bra is a must and I do suggest you get yourself measured.  If you are guessing what size you are you are probably wrong!  For most of my life I thought I was a 36B and turn out to be a 34DD.  Local to me in SW14 there is an excellent lingerie shop called Sheen Uncovered where they offer a measuring service. I am by no means anti M & S (see recommendations below) but you will probably do better when it comes to the measuring service if you go to an independent shop.

Tip 2 

A client recommended the following:  Sometimes you might want an extra layer is needed under a thin or sheer top, or maybe your top reveals a little too much cleavage, but you don’t want to use a t-shirt.  One of my clients recommends this flesh-coloured vest top from M&S.  As well as providing a little extra warmth and modesty, she says it helps to smooth out any bulges around her back because of her bra!  And a flesh colour means it is practically invisible.” 

Tip 3

When it finally does get cold you might try a thermal vest under a silk shirt if you don't want to wear a sweater or cardi over the top.  

Tip 4        

Try wearing flesh coloured underwear beneath light coloured clothes, rather than white.  White will show through, whereas flesh coloured items won’t!

Tip 5

·Underwear tip for the party season:  Wear dark coloured bras under dark tops, especially if you are going to be photographed.  The flash of the camera will cause light-coloured underwear to shine through. 

Tip 6

Lacy bras may be gorgeous but wear a simple T-shirt bra under any smooth fabric to avoid any lumps or bumps.

Tip 7

Under trousers I like to wear pop socks with a cushioned sole for comfort.  I used to buy them quite easily but they have become more difficult to find.  I tracked some down to Damart (which makes me feel about 105!). I tried some from Calzitaly (via Amazon) and although they are comfortable in the feet, the elastic round the top is so tight I fear they will cut off the blood supply!

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