Dressing for the Festive Season......

..... without buying anything new. 

Would you like to look fabulous and be stress free in what you wear this Christmas?

 The secret lies in planning. Take half an hour and list the occasions you need to dress up for then look in your wardrobe for:

·         a pair of black* trousers, or

·         a black* longish skirt or

·         a  LBD (little black* dress

* black doesn't need to mean  black.  It can be chocolate brown, navy, grey, mulberry or whatever dark neutral colour suits you.

Add different tops and accessories to whichever basic item you choose and make a range of outfits. 

To your trousers, skirt or LBD add

  •         A silk blouse (to the trousers or skirt)           
  •         A cami with a silk shirt worn like a jacket +  a beautiful necklace
  •         A sparkly sweater
  •         A fluffy bolero or shrug to wear over your camisole or LBD
  •         A jacket in velvet, silk or satin.
  •         A pashmina
  •         And of course your slinkiest underwear.so you feel gorgeous underneath.

Christmas can be hectic and the last thing you want to do worry about buying new clothes..  You will feel more comfortable dressed in what you already know works and free to enjoy yourself.  There is so much you can do to introduce that extra twist so you will still feel special..

  •   Black seamed stockings with the LBD or skirt
  •   Do you have some long-forgotten shoes? I have a pair of 20 year-old red velvet boots     which come out every Christmas and always get compliments!
  •  A decorative belt (although probably not ahead of Christmas Dinner!)
  • A sparkly handbag

Jewellery is an obvious way to dress your outfit up. Look on www.sophisticato.co.uk for some inspiration.

  • ·         If you have a dramatic personality go for diamante and glitter away!
  • ·         If you like to be fun, find a pair of Santa Claus earrings which light up
  • ·         If you never wear jewellery, try something in wood or shell
  • ·         You can never go wrong with pearls.


  • ·         Go for lipstick in a brighter colour 
  • ·         Add some silver (if you are "cool") or gold (if you are "warm) on the inner corner of your            eyelids

Come to my Look Fabulous Forever party on 2nd December and try the silver and gold lid colour for yourself.

Finally, plan ahead and give yourself or get a facial and a manicure. 

The dark days of Christmas need some sparkle and the best sparkle of all is your eyes .  If you have given yourself a treat, are wearing something in which you know you look good you are all set to dazzle!