Fashion Times

I am a Times reader or, more strictly speaking, I am a Times fashion pages reader.  I enjoy Anna Murphy and Harriet Walker.  I also love Caitlin Moran and like nothing better than having a good giggle over Celebrity Watch over my coffee on a Friday morning.  This week, joy oh joy! all this came together! All the Fashion Weeks are over.  We have watched mainly miserable looking models stomp down catwalks in improbable garb, most of which no ordinary mortal can imagine wearing and doing anything normal in, like making a cup of tea.  It was with some relief that I saw Harriet Walker reassuring her readers last Wednesday that we wouldn't need to buy entire outfits but could add the odd item and still be on trend:  a single shoulder-tickling earring, Theresa May heels, 1980's shoulder pads and, er,  dressing gowns for daywear. Now, I am definitely not one of those people who rush to be ahead in fashion but I was almost about to raid my performance costumes and grab my Noel Coward number (see below) when, mercifully, on Saturday, Caitlin Moran pricked the bubble.. It is worth reading, just to gain a bit of perspective, never mind having a good laugh. Didn't Oscar Wilde say "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months"?  Style now, that is another thing altogether!

The Noel Coward look