Make up for Mature Women

Are you someone who thinks mature women have better things to do with their time than put makeup on?  Or that women over a certain age are better off au naturel?  My view is that most women present a more confident image with make up even if applied sparingly.  In my opinion only those with superb bone structure, probably a tan, naturally dark eyebrows and eyelashes can look their best with no make up, and even they will benefit from a dab of lipstick.  We gradually lose colour contrast between our eyes, skin and hair as we get older and makeup subtly applied can bring back some of that definition, giving us a brighter,  healthier look.

I can almost hear the groans from some of you.  If makeup is something you don't do is it because

·         you can't be bothered?

·         you have never worn it and don't see why you should start now?

·         you don't really know how to apply it?

·         you are bewildered at makeup counters and don't know what to choose?

·         you fear looking like the proverbial mutton?

·         you have been told that older women look better without make up?

·         you have allergies and you can't tolerate makeup?*

If you have answered yes to one or more of those questions, perhaps it is time for you to reconsider? As you probably know by now, I am keen for ladies to look vibrant and vital in their later years and I think it is worth setting aside the 5 - 10 minutes it takes in the morning to apply your slap. Makeup is no substitute for exercise, good diet and skincare - all of which will affect your skin -  but it puts the finishing touch.

I was inspired to write this by reading Tricia Cusden's blog this week.  Tricia is the founder of Look Fabulous Forever - a range of makeup specially formulated for older skins.  I agree with Tricia that, applied well,  wearing makeup can increase your confidence well into your 70's  For some (with cool colouring and dark eyes) just a dab of lipstick will transform your look.  For others, like me, (with warm colouring and paler eyes) it is a rather more involved affair but one which has become part of my daily routine.  Like Annie with her smile,  I don't feel fully dressed without it!

There are some no-no's for mature women e.g.

  • eye shadows with shimmer except at the inner corner of the eye when it can add brightness,
  • in my opinion, any brightly coloured eye shadow.  It is a mistake to think that blue eye-shadow compliments blue eyes. Matte neutral(ish) colours will usually work well.
  • It is also my opinion that powder blush doesn't work when you have fine lines and wrinkles, at least for daywear -  a cream blush works much better.

If you are all at sea with makeup, why not come to Lucy St John's workshop at 2pm on Saturday 17th June in East Sheen?  Lucy is an experienced makeup artist and will help you decide on a foundation which suits your colouring and skin and explain how to apply it so it will last all day.  She will have a variety of brands for you to try and can advise on the best makeup for problem skins*.  Lucy will also help you find a lipstick which really suits you and apply it that so it will stay.

"Lucy gave us a really useful and insightful session and we learnt lots.
I am enjoying (trying to) put it into practice!"

To sign up or receive more details about the workshop on 17th June call me on 07932 599210 or email

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