Is a dress from ten years ago vintage or just old?  I am not sure but vintage sounds more inviting.

At my grandson's school fair the other day, near the maypole and the tombola,  I caught sight of a rather glamorous lady and asked her permission to snap her and her equally glamorous mother.  The dress she is wearing is vintage Whistles (from about ten years ago) which she has updated with a jaunty black trilby.  Slim enough to carry off the horizontal stripes and the perfect colouring for black and white, she said  she used to wear the dress with heels "for best" but is now enjoying giving it a more casual look with flat sandals. 

As you will probably know by now, I am a fan of detoxing your wardrobe but some pieces really do stand the test of time.  Often they will be pieces that, regardless of fashion, you just look really good in.  As the years go by you can have fun wearing them differently.  Now that "high low" dressing is having a moment, you might wear something you used to keep for best in a more casual way for every day - a floaty skirt with a T-shirt and trainers for example.

I had a lovely conversation with the lady at the fair who, by her own admission, has hit mid-life, but with a determination not to "disappear". A woman after my own heart. Dressed as she was on Saturday, I don't think she will be disappearing any time soon! 

Two chic ladies - mother and daughter

Two chic ladies - mother and daughter