.... and packing again!

When I was buying my new favourite garment - a top by the Danish company Rabens Saloner from my new favourite shop Nom de Plume in East Sheen, the proprietor - a guy who is extremely knowledgeable about fashion having been involved in it all is life -  told me that people no longer have everyday clothes and then posh outfits for the evening.  He says they want "functional" clothes - i.e. something which carries you through your entire day.  You can dress it up a bit with heels, earrings, a smart bag but essentially your outfits carry you through the varied activities of your day.

I have been thinking about this because I am packing again, this time to go away on a work trip (very different from my caravan "time off" holiday last month). I will be doing my other job - teaching singing at a wonderful summer school called AIMS where over two hundred singers get together in hopefully sunny Eastbourne and, well, sing! The course lasts a week and I will need mainly a casual (but hopefully stylish) wardrobe .with one sparkly outfit for an evening concert.  I am looking for my "Functional Wardrobe". - similar to the trendy "Capsule Wardrobe" but less rigid. My glamorous assistant "Matilda" is modelling below and I have teamed pieces up differently to show you something of the variety it is possible to create with relatively few pieces.

I shall wear my jumpsuit to travel in (you can think of a jumpsuit as a dress - it doesn't have to go with anything) as that is the most awkward to pack and my flat shoes. I will also take a mac just in case the rather excellent weather forecast turns out to be a lie!  I have to admit I am taking everything but the kitchen sink as I am driving and the accommodation is in a school (don't ask!); towels, a reading light and my pillow.  As far as clothes, though, into the case go more than enough for a week.

  • Two pairs of trousers - my trusty Robells + a funkier cropped pair.
  • Four tops - the new favourite (see above) + a thin long-sleeved jumper + two T shirts (including a long-sleeved one which will go under the new favourite if it is cooler).
  • Two cardigans - one cropped + one long
  • One Dress
  • One sparkly outfit (top and trousers not pictured)
  • Two pairs of shoes (espadrille wedges + some heels)
  • One Wrap (for cool evenings)
  • Plus all the usual - pyjamas, washbag, makeup, chargers, book, umbrella (not pictured)

 I will reckon to wear each outfit twice with the flexibility of adding a cardigan on top or T shirt underneath depending on the temperature.  Accessories will also add some variety.