Today Woman's Hour, that staple of good listening offered by wonderful BBC Radio 4, is looking at how women can feel better about their bodies.  I don't know if they will be considering dress but in my opinion feeling good in what you are wearing can be transformative in improving your sense of yourself and your body.   Did you catch my video on Facebook which I made from Eastbourne on Saturday, where I was spending a week doing my other job - teaching singing on the amazing AIMS summer course? . (If you missed it, you can watch it here).  I was reflecting on how a number of ladies I spoke to with my Colour and Style hat on, thought it would be nice to sort out their wardrobe but were convinced they needed to lose weight first.  BIG MISTAKE!   In my opinion they are putting off all the benefits which come from feeling good about themselves as they are.  They are projecting some ideal vision of themselves into the future.   If you are someone who thinks like that, imagine how you might feel if you were given the tools to look great right now!  It can be powerful stuff.

 One of my clients was a participant on the course and she has lost weight SINCE having her colour and style consultation.  Now, I am not saying it was BECAUSE of it but it will have helped.  How much more positive to begin taking a pride in your body once you know how dress and once you know how to look great?  And if you are already beginning to feel better about yourself and seeing that you can look fabulous TODAY, I suggest you will be more likely to decide to do other things which make you feel good - e.g. perhaps taking exercise or developing a healthy diet. Feeling good is addictive!

There was a wonderful lady on the course who I had remembered from the same course last year because I thought she looked fantastic.  What I saw was a bright, vivacious woman who was comfortable in her own skin and wore colours, shapes, fabrics etc. which totally suited her. By her own admission she would like to lose some weight but I doubt anyone who sees her thinks of that. She let me take a picture of her (below). It doesn't do justice to the lovely silk cowl-neck top but you will see that trousers with a loose-fitting boat-necked top which covers her bottom,  brings our eyes to her face and what we see is a beautiful woman.

So don't make the mistake yourself of thinking you need to lose a few pounds (or a lot of pounds) before you take the step of sorting your wardrobe out.  The time to do it is now!  Give me a call on 07932 599210 to discuss your particular requirements.  I look forward to hearing from you!