Animal Prints

Animal Prints - Leopard, Cheetah, Zebra?

Did they ever go away?  I think animal prints are always "in".  As with all patterns look at the overriding effect - is it light? bright? warm?  Animal prints vary a great deal so there is no rule of thumb as to what will suit you.  If you are not sure, try shoes or a handbag.  After all, with animal print a little goes a long way.  You definitely don't want more than one animal print item at a time!

If you suit dark brown, tan and cream you can probably rock a leopard print top. Here I am in my party top talking about animal prints. (First seen on Facebook) Click here

If those colours aren't for you, try a plain top and keep the leopard or the snake to below the waist.

My friend Annee (below) is a “Light”and leopard print is not ideal for her. By wearing white underneath her shirt and a silver necklace she makes it work.

Zebra prints are for Bright, cool "Winters" only.  Black and white is the highest possible contrast and will overpower most ladies who haven't got very dark eyes and either black, ash blond or white hair.