WAIST NOT? WANT NOT! How to disguise a thickening waist.

Many of us post-menopausal and/or post children women find that our waists are not what they were.  In my case it was never brilliant but there has been a definite thickening in that area.  I do know that posture has something to do with it and if I remember to feel I am growing an inch taller it immediately creates more space between my ribs and my hips and a bit more waist appears.  Hard to keep it in mind for more than a few seconds though! 

Here are a few tips of shapes and ideas to look for to divert the eye away from your waist. 

1.       Shaped tops. There is a gentle suggestion of a waist and it skims your body shape rather than clings.  It comes to just below the waist or can be more of a tunic. Here’s a casual top from the go-to shop for basics, Uniqlo and a tunic from Seasalt Cornwall

2.       Dresses. My waist is six inches less than my bust and my hips are two inches bigger and I find shift or pinafore dresses – straight skirt but with a bit of shape – work for me. It means I am wearing the same colour from neck to knee and it by-passes my waist.  If you carry more weight around your hips and thighs, your dress will need to be more shaped with an A-line or flared skirt. Here are a couple, the first, a straight shape from Seasalt Cornwall and for curvies, this lovely wrap dress from Arket.

3.       With a top and trousers or skirt, consider monochrome – i.e. different shades of the same colour from top to bottom so there is no strong contrast around the waist area. Wear the lighter shade where you are smaller e.g. if you are an English “Pear” keep the lighter shade to the upper part of your body and the trousers or skirt to the lower like this outfit from Poetry. Crinkle linen trousers - £109 and Hemp and cotton scoop-neck top - £39 Poetry Fashion.

4.       Create interest around your face with a necklace or scarf so our eye is drawn to your face. This lovely scarf from Sophisticato.uk is described as “Autumn” but I think it would look gorgeous if you are a light “Spring”.

5.       If you are a straight shape (like an H), a dropped waist with a frill or flounce around the hip area can work for you. Here is one from People Tree.

6.       Don’t tuck blouses in.  Or if you do, pull it out as far as you can so the blouse flops over the top of your waistband.  It is then less obvious whether there is a waist there or not. A silky fabric will work best for this and I like this one from M & S. in several colours at £59

7.       Asymmetric shapes (diagonal lines as seams or as stripes) are flattering draw the eye away from the waist. Grizas.

It is all a matter of optical illusion – directing our attention to where you want it directed and not where you don’t.  Oh yes!  And for me, comfort is a major factor.  I don’t really like the feeling of a tight waistband.