I laughed this morning because I remembered that one of my inspirations for becoming interested in style was fear.  I wanted to avoid slipping into the colour beige and into elasticated trousers in my, er, mature years.  What am I wearing today and indeed much of the time?  You’ve guessed it!  Elasticated trousers!  I have to say, in their defence, though, the ones I wear are rather different from the crimplene monstrosities I had so feared.

Luckily it is possible now to go for the comfort of “stretch” whilst not abandoning a smart look.

For some years now I have been recommending Robell trousers.  It is a German brand and their model “Marie” seems to work for all shapes and sizes.  Petites can wear ¾ length.  They are pull-on, come in many colours and they do fleece lined for the winter months; nice and snuggly whilst looking smart.  They are available in some boutiques, although none locally to me, but now I know my size I buy from: https://www.sosimply.com/   I suggest you order a size smaller than your normal size.

Uniqlo also do a stretch trouser (although it does have a side zip and button) called “Smart Leggings Trouser” for £24.90. I bought a pair in dark green and am delighted with the quality of the fabric (cotton with some elastane).  For me, it is more proof that Uniqlo is the new M & S, i.e. a shop where you can get practical, basic, fashionable clothes at reasonable prices. 

Long live elasticated trousers! As for beige, call it taupe or camel and it sounds much less scary!