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3 Tips for older faces using “Look Fabulous Forever” makeup.

The model Cindy Joseph who certainly waved the flag for beauty in older women, only breaking through in her modelling career when she was nearly 50, advocated minimal makeup on mature faces.  She proposed wearing lipstick the colour of your gums, allowing lost eyebrows to stay lost and no eyeshadow or anything more than tinted moisturizer on your skin.  I couldn’t disagree more.  If I did what she suggests I would look pale and “rubbed out”.  I can see how Cindy Joseph’s observation worked for her – an extremely pretty lady with beautiful bone structure and very light in colour but I have now given countless women makeovers both here and at the Look Fabulous Forever shop in Wimbledon and, although a very few can look good with almost no makeup, most look greatly enhanced with quality makeup in subtle, appropriate colours carefully applied.  The overall effect is that they look WELL! 

I love the magic that makeup brings to my face and the way it increases my confidence. I don’t apply it in the same way I did when I was young. Here are three tips for older faces which I hope you will find helpful.

  1. LIPS

Do you, like me, find that bright lipstick suits you and adds sparkle to your look but your lipstick “bleeds”?  Look Fabulous Forever lip prime applied round the edge of your lips keeps your lipstick in place. Watch the video here


Eyebrows frame your face and if you have over-plucked in the past or your eyebrows have become bitty or lost colour, “Bring back Brow Shape” really works. Surprisingly one colour works for everyone.  If your colouring is light, make sure you wipe some product before you make the little feather strokes.  Darker?  You can lay it on a little thicker.  It takes a bit of practice but once you know what you are doing it is quick, easy and will stay all day.  Watch the video here.


Make the most of your eyelashes.  As you probably know by now I am a fan of Rapidlash eyelash serum (available in Boots).  It has restored my eyelashes which were getting rather thin. It takes about a month to notice the difference.   If, like me, you have softer colouring and black mascara is too harsh, try brown and just use some black on the tips. 

If you would like some help with applying your makeup, email me to book a lesson or a makeover. Contact me on 07932 599210 or 

Applying “Bring Back Brow Shape”

Applying “Bring Back Brow Shape”