Revolutionary times! I went to the “Museum of Brands” in North Kensington to see a Fashion Revolution Week event called  Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2019.  It was exciting and inspiring to see so many companies committed to offering quality, stylish garments while still saving the planet. They were lovely people too! Things have moved a long way from needing to look as if you have joined the Amish just because you care where your clothes have come from..  See for example, for office and partywear!  They know who creates every stitch in every garment! Read more about some of the other brands who were exhibiting here including bespoke men’s shirts from Masato London beautiful children’s clothes , ingenious recycled Sari dresses , gorgeous upcycled jewellery from Readorn, blissfully comfortable underwear from You , a company also committed to giving underwear to girls who have none through Smalls for All and all sorts of jewellery, textiles and ponchos from Jewelled Buddha to name but only a few!

What they all had in common was an attention to sourcing of the raw materials both from a sustainable-to-the-planet point of view and to treating well the people who make the finished products. It feels good to buy with a clear conscience! Below are a couple of snaps from the event - the sari dress and a shirt from Masato..

Sari dress