I am no dedicated follower of fashion but favour instead adding an up-to-date touch to give an old-favourite outfit a current look. This season chain-link necklaces have caught my eye. Daphine have a gold plated one at £160 which will suit you if your colouring is “warm” and if you are “cool”, go for the classy sterling silver “uneven circles” Chris Lewis (see image above) piece from Sophisticato at £220. Boden have one in tortoiseshell resin (perfect if, like me, you are an “Autumn” lover of the colour brown), and Jaeger are stocking a chunkier, more dramatic version - both at £40.. If you have "cool" colouring here is one in pink and grey on Etsy. Sahara London have a different take on the theme with this rainbow-coloured beauty – perfect if you have a dramatic style personality and bright “Spring” colouring.

NB Do check the length of the necklace you buy to make sure it is right for you.