As you may have realised by now I like going to the movies.  The latest was "Miss Sloane" starring Jessica Chastain who wore, almost exclusively throughout the film, black and white.  Jessica Chastain is a redhead with green eyes.  As such she is a candidate for "warm" colours like brick red, olive green etc.  She was dressed in black and white in the film for a very good reason - she plays an apparently super-confident hard-nosed lobbyist, striding about in stratospheric stilettos, totally in charge of herself and her material, with no room for showing a softer side to herself because winning is everything to her.  Greater contrasts give off authority and she needed that to the maximum. She brings it off because she wears very red lipstick and lots of black eye makeup so there is plenty of contrast created in her face.   In the final scene - and I won't spoil it for you - she appears, apparently without makeup, in a muted buff/yellow.  This is the only time we see the real person.

Sometimes we need a bit of "armour" and if we don't have lots of natural contrast in our faces, we need to create it with makeup so as not to be overpowered by strong contrast in our clothes.  So the decision is, are you dressing a persona or the real you?  There is no right and wrong - it is just a choice.

Oh, and it is a great film!