Ever wondered why some people look fresh and vibrant, while others look washed out? 

This programme will change the way you look at clothes and teach you how to make your eyes and skin shine through the colours you choose. I believe it is the single most important place to start when renewing your confidence in how you dress, as it has the greatest impact on how we present ourselves.

Colour Testimonial

"I didn't realise how important it was to wear the right colours next to my face!"  MY (Twickenham TW10)

What's involved? 

  • A "Discovery Chat" to understand the colours you like and dislike

  • Your colour personality quiz based on pscychology principles to make sure we find colours that suit your skin and also your personality (e.g bright red and bold colours may suit you best, but if that is too much for you, we will find calmer ways to wear those colours. Similarly if you suit neutrals but want to be bolder, we will find ways to do that)

  • Together we will explore dark and light neutrals and accent colours to bring out the best in you


  • 1-2-1 full personal session - allow two hours


  • You will receive a bespoke colour swatch wallet to take with you whenever you go shopping (1-2-1 and pairs only)

  • You will also receive a summary of which colours suit you and your personality best and how to wear those colours.

  • You will have the knowledge to make your hair, skin and eyes sparkle through your choice of colour

Price:  £180 to include bespoke wallet and summary.

Also available:

  • 1-2-1 audit / check-in via Skype to check how you are applying what you have learnt £50

  • Colour Update (e.g. to suit a change of hair colour) £75

  • Session for duos (mother & daughter, sisters, friends) £300 You each get a bespoke wallet

  • or for fun parties of 4-6 people." (No personalised wallet.) £200


I used to be a sandier blonde when I was younger. Now my hair colour has changed my best colours’ have also changed from the warmer to the cooler colours. The colour update with you was essential for my new hair colouring.
Thank you again for your colour expertise which constantly brings me pleasure and confidence
— A.V. (Bedford)

After you have had your colour analysis why not book a Wardrobe Edit in your own home ?