Are you worried about how you will look on your daughter's special day?

Many mothers of the bride can struggle with what to wear and  feel unsure about their "position" in the bridal party particularly when it comes to how much they should dress up.  Being a "m.o.b" is huge for many women. This special time in her daughter's life often falls at a time when the mother herself may have hit a style and confidence wall.  She may be wondering how she can possibly look glamorous and feel relaxed on her daughter's big day when she hasn't a clue what to wear. 

I am delighted to be working with my daughter, Lucy St John of Lucy St John Hair and Makeup in our mission to bring beauty, style and confidence to Mothers of Brides. In her many years doing weddings, Lucy noticed that too many mothers were not happy with what they were wearing and didn't feel sure about their "position" in the bridal party particularly when it came to how much they should dress up.

We want this to be the most special day for everyone involved. Here is how Lucy and I make it happen for the Mums: 

Mother of the Bride  - allow half a day £195

  • We will begin by discussing your requirements: how you want to appear and any issues you may have (e.g. hair, weight, wedding venue etc.). Your session will be tailored to your particular requirements.

  • Look younger and healthier as we discover the best colours to flatter your skin tone, eyes and hair (taking into account the wedding colours)

  • Receive a full makeover using “Look Fabulous Forever” makeup (specially formulated for more mature skins) and see for yourself how fabulous you can look!

  • Pre-session questionnaire which will help us discover your "Style Personality" so we can develop an outfit in which you can feel confident, happy and relaxed

  • A summary of our discoveries will be sent to you following your session.

Armed with this information, you will feel you know what to look for as you shop for your perfect outfit! I can also recommend where to go and, if you would like me to, go with you to guide you though creating your look.

This special occasion can be a perfect opportunity to re-vamp your look which will have benefits beyond the Big Day.


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