Do you need some affordable style help with an experienced image consultant? Would you like to regain your confidence and know you are creating the right impression; that you are well dressed and expressing who you are?

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”

— Orson Wells

As we mature and our body changes, it can be difficult to find the clothes that make us look our best. The result is that many women focus on covering up what they don't like instead of choosing clothes that make them feel good. 

These programmes will help you feel confident to celebrate and adorn your assets stylishly.  Working with your existing wardrobe, discover which clothes & accessories flatter your body shape and, most importantly,  express your personality. We will identify what you need to create a wardrobe of stylish outfits. 


Bronze level - Allow 2 hours.  £180

  • Before we meet I will send you a pre-session questionnaire to complete, geared towards discovering your style personality to be discussed at your session. This really helps us discover YOUR individual style so we can develop a wardrobe to compliment that. You will then feel great in whatever you choose to wear each day.

  • For your session, I ask you to bring a suitcase containing 20 items of clothing - pieces you feel work well and some which you are not happy in but have kept.

  • We will go through these items looking at shapes, colours, patterns, fabrics etc. and I will provide guidance on how to use these to reflect your personal style personality.

  • You will go away knowing what works and what doesn't, ideas for possible alterations, alternative ways of wearing your clothes and suggestions of what you can buy to enhance your current wardrobe.

  • And after your session, I will follow up with you by sending you a summary of our discoveries. You will be able to refer to this handy document to remind yourself of what makes up your style personality, so you can feel at ease shopping for new clothes and putting outfits together.

Book your session now.  07932 599210 or

Silver level - Allow half a day.  £350

  • As above plus:

  • You will receive a full colour analysis of all your best neutrals (for investment pieces) and accent colours.

  • Following your session I will make up a bespoke swatch wallet of all the colours we agree suit you best which you can then take shopping. This will provide an invaluable guide and stop you making mistakes!

  • You will also receive ideas for colour combinations which you may not have thought of before. Once your wardrobe contains the colours which enhance your own colouring, you will find you have many new outfits because everything goes with everything else!

Book your session now.  07932 599210 or


Gold level - Allow two half days (or can be a whole day with light lunch provided).  £750

  • As above plus

  • We will arrange a pre-session meet-up to plan for your day at a convenient venue or on skype/facetime. We can discuss any particular requirements you have.

  • As Silver but I will ask you to bring two suitcases of clothes - probably about 40 items - for assessment and discussion. This becomes effectively a wardrobe detox!

  • Personal shopping trip (up to three hours) in East Sheen or Richmond stores or boutiques. If preferred the personal shopping can be done on another day.

Book your session now.  07932 599210 or

Post-session check-in sessions £40

  • A half hour catch-up via Skype or Facetime to review, answer questions, look at new purchases etc.

Last week, following my session with Hilary, I put on my knee-length black skirt which is panelled at the side and kicks out at the bottom with black tights, ankle boots and a deep pink v-neck jumper and felt great!
— Rachel

"Now I have the confidence to wear womanly dresses

I have had several compliments since my visit to you and I am taking pride in my complete appearance. Coordinating make-up, jewellery, bags, shoes and clothes is now a pleasure and reaps rewards.

You used your wisdom and knowledge and observation of people to help arrive at a look and style that is in harmony with me. Having the summary sheets that includes details e.g. shoe heel type etc. is very useful. A visit an be life-changing. Everyone should do it!"

- Fiona (Portsmouth)

"I have to tell you that you have transformed the way I pick my clothes... And the clothes are transforming me... I am starting to see giving myself a lovely appearance as a way to deepen my self-love (rather than just vanity). And FEELING beautiful is a very lush thing!"

- Monica (Teddington)

You have put a spring in my step! The inspiration you have given me is invaluable.

- Wendy (Teddington)

It has been enormously useful to have your objective advice. I have, as an exercise, been looking out for my colours and style with a more focused eye when shopping and browsing the internet. Obviously, my wardrobe changes will take time, but I do now have a much stronger sense of direction.

- KM (Richmond )