As a singer you face your audience and how you look and present yourself is an important part of your performance. We are more than ever a visual society and you cannot avoid judgements being made before you even open your mouth to sing. You will know that frequently full-length images are required by agents who a few years ago would have been happy with a head and shoulders photo. It matters how you dress. Are you communicating the message you want to?

My previous career was as a singer so I know from the inside how to prepare for auditions and concerts and show myself to best advantage. I watched other singers and I know the pitfalls and the possibilities. Now I have trained as a colour and style coach I know the reasons why somethings work and some things just don’t.

You have enough to think about preparing vocally for the big event. Imagine how knowing you are presenting yourself, with your colouring, your personality, your body shape, in a style that will give you your best chance of success.

When people are well dressed, more notice is taken of them and what they have to say. I would add - and sing!