Time for a detox?

Time for a detox?

Do you open your wardrobe doors and groan because it is bulging with clothes and yet you have “nothing to wear”. You may be surprised to learn that women typically wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Can you relate to that?

Imagine instead that you have a lean, mean wardrobe which works 100% for you. All your clothes are in colours which suit you and each item will go with at least three other pieces so you have fewer clothes but more outfits.

Ideally, although not necessarily, you will already know your most flattering colours*. I come to your house and I will ask you to try on your various outfits, keeping anything that works for you and letting go of pieces which don’t. You can then decide whether to sell them or take them to a charity shop.

Once we have your slimmed down wardrobe, we are sure to find different ways of wearing your clothes to make a variety of outfits which you may not have thought of. I also advise on hem lengths, sleeve lengths and any other alterations you may need.

It will be clear at the end of the session if there is a gap which needs filling and I am happy to advise on style and where to buy.

£75/hour (within 10 miles SW London. If you live further, some mileage needs to be allowed)


Hilary was clear in her advice about what suited me, and what reflected the image I wanted to present of myself.   As we went through my wardrobe a growing pile of clothes mounted up that really didn’t work for me.  I realised that I hadn’t worn any of these clothes for a long time, but had hung on to them.  She gave me the permission to let them go ad to find new ideas.  She then sent me some pictures of clothes that would help to project my new image and that would build on the wardrobe I already had.  Very useful advice about shapes and lengths to look for, and what fabrics work for me.  It was all very useful and enjoyable and I can highly recommend her.  Jo (Barnes SW13)

  • After your wardrobe edit you may see the value of a COLOUR ANALYSIS and have a bespoke wallet of your best colours.

  • or, having established the gaps in your wardrobe, how about a PERSONAL SHOPPING TRIP?